Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium



American Eagles

American Gold Buffalos

Canadian Maple Leafs

South African Krugerrands

Chinese Pandas

Australian Kangaroos, Nuggets

Credit Suisse, Johnson Matthey & Englehard Bars

US Liberty & Indian Coins; $1, $2 1/2, $5, $10, $20

American Arts Medallions

Modern US Commemoratives

Austrian Coronas, Ducats, Philharmonics

English Britannias, Pounds, Souveriegns

Belgium, French & Swiss 20 Francs

Isle of Man Angels, Cats

Mexican Pesos, Onzas

All Other World Gold Coins




.999 Fine Bars & Rounds

90% Dimes, Quarters & Half Dollars

40% Kennedy Half Dollars

American Eagles

Sterling Bars & Rounds

Sterling Flatware & Serving Pieces

Sterling Jewelry

Sterling Candlesticks

Casino Tokens

Franklin Mint Sets

Canadian Maple Leafs

Canadian .500 & .800 Fine

US & World Coins


.999 Fine Bars & Rounds

American Eagles

Canadian Maple Leafs

Australian Koalas

Platinum Jewelry

Crucibles, Wire & Industrial Scrap


.999 Fine Bars & Rounds

Canadian Maple Leafs

Palladium Jewelry


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